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"I have always loved to create art. When I was in fifth grade, my art teacher called me the "Queen of Colors"  and that further encouraged me me to continue working on my dream to become an artist. After graduating from a high school specialized on art and textile design, I majored at art in college. My field of specialty is watercolor and oil because I love the fluidity this medium enables me to capture.
I consider interpreting the beauty of the natural and the man-made world my mission in life because I hope to bring joy to people.”

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uuuuh art amazing


#all the awards to jensen ackles #because really #you can literally see what’s going on in dean’s mind #like at first he can’t believe it #he calls his name #twice #because he can’t believe he’s actually gone #maybe he’s hoping it’s like with pamela #cas burnt her eyes out but she was still alive #but then #man #then you see him almost nodding #because of course kevin is dead #and of course dean thinks it’s his fault #kevin /trusted/ him #and this what happens when people trust him, right? #’i guess that’s what i do #i let down the people i love’

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dean winchester spn supernatural